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Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

 Pregnancy Yoga is a very gentle and relaxing style of yoga suitable for anyone from 16 weeks onwards.  Even women confined to wheelchairs have much to gain from attending.  Pregnancy Yoga incorporates physical postures with breathing and relaxation elements in each session, exploring how each of these may be used during birth.

Women who attend regularly benefit from better sleep, feelings of wellbeing, reduced antenatal depression, anxiety, improved outcomes for their babies and reduces the discomforts of late pregnancy.

Yoga can even reduce complications experienced in pregnancy and birth – improving rates of unassisted vaginal deliveries, increasing mother’s satisfaction with the birth, and gives women effective tools to manage the pain of labour.

Women make friends for life in pregnancy yoga classes – groups are friendly and intimate encouraging women to connect with one and other to form tight knit support systems for after the birth.

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