All things pregnancy birth and beyond

Yoga for Birth Classes

You may have been attending pregnancy yoga classes and want to share what you’ve learnt with your partner – whilst going into more depth about the birthing process, or you could be completely new to yoga and ready to experience it’s benefits.

Practicing Yoga in pregnancy – reduces complications at birth, reduces c/sections, aids better healing, reduces PND.

Classes combine movement, breathing for labour, theory including an overview of labour & practice of coping strategies.

As a birth partners you are included in all aspects and given tools to stay calm, look after yourself during this time as well as practical way you can help your partner through labour.

Costs £55 for 2 ppl for 3 hours tuition, course handouts & ongoing advice & support.

antenatal couple massage

Understanding how normal birth happens (stages of labour) & how we can assist.
Positions for: speeding up labour, slowing down labour, helping baby into a favorable position
Breathing tecniques

Other coping tecniques: TENS, Waterbirth, Aromatherapy etc


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